Why Lumia

For years I’ve been a great fan of Nokia as a company and its amazing products. Nokia has been struggling for quite sometime in finding their true calling and re-establishing themselves as a flagship technology company. After abandoning the Symbian platform and adopting MeeGo for most of their phone, Nokia did what everyone thought it would never do. Nokia formed an alliance with Microsoft to bring forward the Windows Phone Platform to its flagship devices (The Lumia Line), and what a great decision that was. Since November 2011 Nokia has introduced six Lumia Phones from the Lumia 610 to the Flagship Lumia 920. Which bring me back to my question Why Lumia?. I was very inspired about the whole Lumia line and Microsoft Windows phone platform, That I decided to create this Blog, The Lumia Blog, in which I intend to actively bring you the latest news about the Nokia Lumia line and the Windows Phone platform.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog as much as I will enjoy writing it, and I welcome all your comments and suggestions.


The Lumia Blog


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