Nokia Xpress Web App Builder: Create engaging Series 40 web apps in minutes

This post is a bit of an off topic from the regular Nokia Lumia news, however I thought it would be interesting to write about it here. Nokia recently released the Nokia Xpress Web App Builder, in which anyone can develop simple easy to use web applications and publish them on the Nokia Store. I just created The Lumia Blog web app and it is now pending review an approval by Nokia Development Team.

Below is the description from Nokia’s Developer Community Blog in which they present a scenario of musician Ben.

Join musician Ben and discover the power and simplicity of Xpress Web App Builder. Ben wants to deliver content from his website and social media accounts, to fans with Series 40 phones, in one simple to use app. Xpress Web App Builder enables him to do this.

With this simple online tool, Ben delivers his content with engaging layouts that he just drags and drops into the app. When he is finished, Ben distributes the app through Nokia Store. And when he is ready, the code from his app can be passed to a developer for further customisation in Nokia Web Tools. Try Nokia Xpress Web App Builder for yourself:


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