Nokia Lumia for Business

Nokia has always prided themselves in their ability to create the wow factor in their devices, Nokia not only makes superior smartphones and entertainment devices but also has been for a long time, one of the leaders in business solutions. Solutions ranging from Business Phones to integrated software solutions to meet the communication needs for every organisation. Nokia was always ahead in providing built-in integration with Virtual Private Networks, Exchange Active Sync, Lotus Notes, SIP telephony and so on.

The Nokia Lumia range and the Windows Phone platform is, in my opinion a very powerful platform for business users and, Nokia made sure to make the Lumia Range top-notch for business users.

With the nokia lumia range, users can expect the full integration of Microsoft Office in their devices, in the form of Microsoft Office Mobile, featuring mobile versions of Office applications – Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and SharePoint. All out-of-the-box and ready to work.

If your business runs Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, Lync, Office 365 then choose Nokia Lumia. The set up is very easy and quick, just enter username and password and you are set. Customise your Nokia Lumia phone with business apps that make the difference for you. Pin apps to your Start screen and they’re alive with animation and updates, keeping you aware of the latest news headlines, stock prices and even train times. Every Nokia Lumia smart phone comes with device locking, remote wiping, and web browsing security as standard so you’ll feel safe with work files and data on your mobile phone. Great for your peace of mind – and your IT manager’s.

Below is the Nokia Lumia for Business Data Sheet which explains in full the capabilities of this magical range of products in a business environment. Who said mixing Word and Play cannot be fun. So switch to Lumia and be free.


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