Carry your Nokia Lumia and other Gadgets in Style

Technology and Gadgets play an important part of our lives, the most common problems people face in this techno era, is how to carry all the Gadgets and Gizmos around. One company in particular has thought of an ingenious way to solve this problem. The company I am talking about is Scottevest, and the ingenious products I am talking about are a range of Jackets that can carry all your Gadgets and Gismos within the jacket itself. One product I particularly like is the Revolution Plus Jacket. With the Revolution Plus Jacket you can load up the 26 pockets with gloves, digital cameras, travel documents, cell phones, GPS units, flashlights, glasses, whatever you may need. The Revolution Plus utilizes our Weight Management System with NoBulge™ pocket design to conceal your goods. The iPadPocket™ accommodates an iPad (in sizes M and up) and clear touch interior pockets let you see and control your Nokia Lumia/Smart Phone/Mp3 Player right through the cloth.

  • 26 Pockets are perfect for winter travel and everyday items
  • Insulation quilted to the lining makes this the warmest SeV ever!
  • Removable hood and sleeves
  • Water-resistant and breathable material, with critical seams sealed
  • 100% polyester shell and lining
  • Patented Personal Area Network (PAN) for wire management
  • Ergonomic zippers and magnetic closures
  • Includes the Travel Smart System™, Weight Management System™, NoBulge™, clear touch pockets
  • Sizes Medium and up can hold iPad® in PadPocket™
  • Machine Washable

So get a Scottevest jacket and travel in style.

Check out the Scottevest online catalogue by visiting this link


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