Charge Up and Rock Out in Style with Nokia Gear

Tech brands are known for developing cool devices, but very few come with a holistic hardware ecosystem that applies to multiple aspects of your life. Nokia has taken that concept to a new extreme with the launch of the new Lumia with Windows phones. In addition to the bold and stylish Lumia 920 and Lumia 820, Nokia has introduced seven ultra cool accessories to complement your lifestyle and wow you with the next generation wireless concept and NFC technology.

The new accessories help transform your phone into a thumping music center, utilise easy wireless re-charge options and also keep you in the loop with a new Bluetooth headset. What more do you need for a truly mobile experience? With a plethora of colourful accessories to choose from, this is the first step towards a whole new experience with Nokia.  Prepare to be amazed – Lumia style!

Fatboy Pillow – Wireless charging, wherever you need it

Let’s face it – charging your phone is a pain. The new Nokia wireless charging suite of products aims to make charging phones as easy as setting it down, literally. Starting off the charging batch of products is the Fatboy charging pillow. This ultra cool accessory lets you simply set you phone on a pillow to charge it. There are no certain spots one needs to aim for – just flop the phone down on the pillow and let it juice up. You can even set your own Fatboy beside it and recharge your own batteries at the same time!

Nokia Wireless Charging Plate

The Nokia Wireless Charging Plate is a more traditional looking charging plate. Like the Fatboy pillow above, you simply drop the phone on the surface to start charging. The Charging Plate was design for maximum efficiency and lights up showing the charging status. The plates come in the new Lumia colors.

Purity Headsets by Monster

Monster, the company behind the sound of ‘Beats by Dr Dre’, collaborated with Nokia to create the Nokia Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset range that comes in red, yellow, white and black. As the name suggests, these new headsets offer a wire-free connection to your phone. Music transfer is by Bluetooth and the headsets feature one-touch pairing with your smartphone using NFC. Standard Bluetooth pairing is also available.  The crisp, clear sound quality delivered by the Purity Pro is enhanced by Monster’s active noise cancellation technology. This includes feed forward and feedback technology for ambient and percussive noise cancellation. The noise cancellation and Bluetooth activates automatically when the headset is unfolded, and switches off again when you fold them up after use.

JBL PowerUp Speaker

The JBL PowerUp wireless charging speaker for Nokia accomplishes two things – first, using NFC to pair, you can rock out to tunes from Nokia Music with the amazing acoustics from JBL-engineered speakers. Secondly, the PowerUp will wirelessly charge your Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 at the same time you’re playing tunes. Using the PowerUp couldn’t be easier – simply drop the phone on the top of the device and the power starts flowing and your music is ready to start pumping. You can even use the Nokia Accessory app to automatically launch an app when your phone is placed on the PowerUp. For instance, when you drop your phone, on the PowerUp, you can have it load up ‘Spotify’ for instant music gratification.

Nokia Luna Headsets

The Nokia Luna is the stylish and stunning Bluetooth headset which is powered with NFC technology that lets you easily pair with your NFC enabled phone. Also, any of the above-mentioned wireless charging accessories will charge the Luna to make sure you have talk time when you need it. The Luna comes in cyan, red, yellow, white and black.

JBL PlayUp Speaker

The brightly-coloured PlayUp portable speaker delivers crystal clear sound – in every direction – thanks to JBL technology, to finely reproduce every detail of your recordings. It’s not shy, either, with a maximum output of 89dB – so it’ll be great for the garden or picnics, as well as your living room. Unlike other portable speakers, there isn’t an issue with “tinny-ness” at the low end. It has a specially designed bass port, which acts as a woofer.  Make sure your downstairs neighbours are invited to the party if you live in an apartment! The rechargeable battery inside will last for 10 hours in normal use, and, of course, you can run it off AC power using the charger indoors. It will come in cyan, white and black – plus a new bright yellow colour.

Wireless Charging Stand             

The Nokia Wireless Charging Stand will let your phone face you while it’s charging wirelessly. With the Charging Stand, the Lumia 920 or 820 can be set in the dock and the new Nokia Accessory app will allow one to launch specific apps when the phone is docked. The Nokia wireless solution focuses on efficiency and speed. E.g the Nokia wall chargers are very efficient, for a fast re-charge for Lumia owners on the go. These color-coded shells change the feel of the Lumia 820 and will enable them to work with all the charging accessories.

DC 16 USB – Recharge your phone on the go!

So, you’ve been trekking for hours up some difficult terrain. You reach your destination and the view is just as stunning as you had hoped for. Excitedly, you get your phone out to use the amazing camera to capture some pictures and make the moment last forever. Unfortunately, the battery is dead… It’s happened to all of us. The Nokia DC-16 is a portable charger to guard against such calamities from ever happening to you ever again. This is a universal USB charger that can give your Lumia 920 a full charge, wherever you happen to be. It’s the end to the search for a power outlet!


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