What people are saying about the Nokia Lumia 920

“The new Nokia Lumia 920 mobile phone is the best the company has ever made”

-Daily Telegraph

“The Lumia 920 contains a camera that’s so clever it can even work out when people walked in front of your shot”

-Daily Telegraph

“The Lumia 920 is wonderful – smooth, fast and sleek and has a ton of features”


“It’s gorgeous. It’s bright and defined and photos look incredible on it”


“Compared to the iPhone 4S and Galaxy Nexus, the Lumia 920 is leagues ahead”

-Know Your Mobile

“Thin, sleek and with possibly the best screen we’ve seen on a new phone”


“One exceedingly clever touch is the ability to operate the screen while wearing gloves”

-PC Pro

“The PureView camera looks to be a killer feature for the Lumia 920”

-IT Pro Portal

“Nokia appears to be delivering a cohesive, full GPS navigation experience that rivals and in some ways surpasses what Google offers”

-IT Pro Portal

“Wireless charging for phones has never really enjoyed support from the big manufacturers. That’s changed with the Nokia Lumia 920: now there’s a premium smartphone with built-in wireless charging”

-PC Authority


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