Nokia Asha And The Rise Of Mobile Gaming

Moving away from Nokia Lumia news for a moment, I could not but notice the below fantastic Infographic by Nokia outlining The Rise of Mobile Gaming, particularly on the Nokia Asha platform. The love for the platform has grown ever since the introduction a year ago and the clever partnership between Nokia and EA to bring 40 EA games for the Asha platform. Nokia Asha mobile phones also boasted fast internet access and great Social Networking features. check out the post by Nokia Conversations below and visit Nokia Conversations for the full article.

People have grown to love their Nokia Asha phones for different reasons. The stories told in the Me and My Asha video series revealed that some of the favourite features are fast Internet access, being connected with friends on social networks and the ability to download apps. However, as we approach the first anniversary of the range’s launch it seems fitting that we reflect back on another aspect of Asha’s tremendous success – games.

The inclusion of 40 free EA games for Asha phones, available to download and keep forever, firmly established its gaming reputation. Then, as the year unfolded, there were further boosts with the news that 22 classic games from NAMCO BANDAI were being added to the Nokia Store and that Zynga’s smash hit titles Draw Something and Zynga Poker are also coming soon to Asha.

Via Nokia Conversations


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