Windows Phone Geek Magazine Issue 1, November 2012

Issue #1, November 2012

The WindowsPhoneGeek Magazine is the first magazine for Windows Phone Developers! It is FREE and the main topic of the first issue is the new Windows Phone 8 SDK.

Read the magazine online at this link

In this issue you will find:

  • What’s new in Windows Phone 8 SDK for developers
  • Tiles and Lock Screen Notifications in Windows Phone 8
  • Implementing Coupons and Memberships using the Windows Phone 8 Wallet
  • Implementing in-app purchasing in Windows Phone 8
  • File and URI associations in Windows Phone 8
  • New Launchersin Windows Phone 8
  • New LongListSelector control in Windows Phone 8 SDK
  • New Location APIs and Background Location Tracking
  • Spotlight: Interview with Matt Lacey – Founder of WPUG London
  • Business: How to start a successful mobile app business
  • WPGeek Component Marketplace – A Great Opportunity for Developers

Source Windows Phone Geek


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