Pre-orders available at Nokia stores across UAE for Nokia Lumia 920 & Lumia 820

Via Nokia UAE



  1. Dawood

    Just PreOrdered the White Lumia 920 for 2349 AED ( 639 $ ), they expecting it by 15th November but could be next week.

  2. Elyès

    where did you order it from plz??? jumbo electronics or somewhere online? any specific mall or store?? in which emirate?? I googled it and found it will be available / or maybe sold in al Ain, Al bawadi mall..
    any confirmation plz???
    another question: the middle east version is unlocked, right??? and comes with SYSTEM languages other than English and Arabic (say, French), right???
    thanks in advance

    • The Lumia Blog

      Thank you for your comment, I did not yet ordered the Lumia 920 or the 820. However I know that it will be available soon in the UAE exclusively with du. The middle east version should be an unlocked version, unless the mobile operator choses to lock if its bought with a 2 year contract. I assume that the phones will come with multi languages if you consider that many phone phone manufacturers have EMEA (Europe Middle East & Africa) versions of their phones, then I suppose that french should be available. I will update the blog once i have confirmed this.

      • Elyès

        well, i just googled again for shops or sites making pre-orders in the UAE and found some like,, (of which adresses and credibility i made sure with Google checker and
        i also knew that jumbo electronics and al bawadi mall (i can’t remember the name of the mall in Al Ain) will have it soon…so, i don’t think it’ll be exclusive to DU….anyway, i tried to figure out how to order through Du but all i remember it was a headache (seeing that i have a DU number but am not living in the uae)…
        well, let’s hope it’ll be available soon and concerning the French thing, i asked because i used to have the HTC titan I and then the HTC titan II and because i always had my mobiles from the USA, they always came ONLY in English and Spanish…but i bought my lumia 900 online (as usual) and it was made in Korea (something that refreshed me to an extent at least…you know the phobia we have of the same products being made in China for example, even if for the best brands) and it came with as many languages as you cannot imagine (including my favorite, French)..
        anyway, i’ll be waiting for your posts guys…and hope to grab my lumia 920 VEEEEEEEEEEEERy soon, i can’t wait anymore..

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