With two layers of protection against bumps and drops, the Commuter Series Nokia Lumia 920 case keeps you on the go without weighing you down. A sturdy silicone inner layer fits snugly around the device. The polycarbonate outer layer slips around the silicone, making the Lumia 920 tough enough for the abuse you’ll give it, but still sleek enough to slide in and out of your pockets. Get the kind of protection that inspires confidence with the sleek Nokia Lumia 920 Commuter Series case by OtterBox. The case is still not available but you can register your email for updates on availability. Head over to


  • Nokia Lumia 920


  • Case maintains full access to all the features and functions of the device, including speakers, buttons, microphone and sensors
  • Silicone plug covers protect the main ports of the Lumia 920, including the headphone jack, volume controls and power button
  • Two layers of protection include a sturdy inner silicone layer and a high-impact silicone outer layer
  • 1-year limited warranty
  • Not the case for you? Return it for your money back with our 90-day return policy


  • Sturdy inner silicone layer wraps around the device, protecting against bumps and drops
  • High-impact polycarbonate outer layer is solid and smooth without being too bulky in your purse or pocket
  • Clear self-adhesive screen protector protects against scratches and smudges (comes with screen cleaning cloth and bubble squeegee)

Environmental Protection:

The Commuter Series Nokia Lumia 920 case provides added protection against drop, bump and shock but is NOT protective against water.


One comment

  1. Smuook

    It would be important to point out that the wireless charger won’t work with this or any other case. Quote from owner’s manual: Warning: Make sure there’s nothing between the charger and the device. Do not attach anything,
    such as stickers, to the device surface near the charging area.

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