Xbox LIVE and Windows Phone together: See Halo and Kinectimals in action

Andy from the Xbox team shows us how the Windows Phone can be used to compliment the Xbox 360 gaming experience. Halo Waypoint, a free app, is a must for all Halo fans, providing multiplayer career stats, in depth tutorials and, most impressively, Atlas mode. Atlas mode allows you to download the multiplayer maps you’re playing straight to your phone. Once downloaded you can see where other players, and weapons are – the ideal tool to get the upper hand on your online foes!
The Xbox game Kinectimals gives players the chance to care for their very own cat cub. By playing using the Kinectimals app on your Windows Phone not only can five new cat cubs be unlocked, but even more excitingly you’ll be able to take your favourite cub with you wherever you go. Never leave your pet lion cub alone at home again! There are loads of great Xbox Live games to be played, and remember, with a Windows Phone you can always try before you buy!


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