Nokia Lumia Launch Event Live From Dubai UAE

Good evening Lumia fans, we are coming to you live from the Nokia Lumia lunch even which is starting in about 30 minutes from now. I know you are excited as much as I am. stay tuned for the live blog only on The Lumia Blog.

People Starting to arrive and we will be entering the conference room in 10 Minutes.

Get ready to be amazed

Tom Farrell, VP Middle East on Stage

Amazing Video being shown now

Tom Erskine, Head of Smart Devices Business Unit: India, Middle East & Africa, on stage now talkng about why the Nokia Lumia 920 is the worlds innovative smart phone.

Pure View camera ( with Optical Image Stabilisation, Lenses, Low Light photos)

Capacitive Touch


Tom is now talking about turn by turn navigation including the Middle East region and City Lens

Wireless charging

Henri Mattila, Head of Product Marketing for Middle East and Africa on stage now giveing us a Demo on the amazing Nokia Lumia 920 camera functionalities.

Pure View Technology Demo

Optical Image Stabilisation Demo

City Lens Demo

Wireless Charging Demo

Were Seeing a Demo on the amazing new Windows 8 feature called Kids Corner, where parents can define applications and games to be used by their kids.

Nokia will be launching the Nokia Lumia range with Du in UAE and Mobily in KSA.

Press event over. heading over for some interviews and some demos.



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