Nokia Revolution Presents: Best Apps from Top Lumia Users

Nokia Revolution is now officially launching our Lumia App campaign called “Best Apps for Top Lumia Users”.

Nokia Revolution is looking for certified Lumia users who can share their best Lumia Apps. This campaign aims to help our fellow Lumia users to enjoy their Lumia experience with the best Apps that they can get from the Marketplace or Nokia Collection. This also sets awareness that 1st generation of Lumia devices are not obsolete and  has rich, quality apps that they can ponder on. We believe that Lumia WP7 devices are still the best alternative to Lumia WP8 devices.

This is your chance to get yourself FEATURED with your OWN REVIEW and your PHOTO next to it plus win special prizes!

At the end of this campaign, we will select 10 apps submitted to us via email.

Mechanics: Each entry MUST contain the following:

  • App’s Name
  • Brief Review of the App
  • Your Personal Experience using the App
  • Why do you recommend the App
  • Your Lumia Device model
  • Why Nokia Lumia?
  • The App’s Rating from 1 to 5, where 5 being the highest
  • Participants can only submit maximum of 2 entries, but only one will be selected

What’s in it for you?

We will select top 10 entries which will be featured on our social media sites (with your review together with your photo), which includes:


Not only that, we will also feature you in our partner blogsites:


Wait! There’s more! We will also be giving away special prizes for the Top 3 best reviews.

Sodexo Premium Pass worth PHP 1,000 + Nokia Lumia Shirt (Actual design will be posted this weekend)

Sodexo Premium Pass worth PHP 300 + Nokia Freebies

Sodexo Premium Pass worth PHP 200 + Nokia Freebies

And the rest of the top 10 entries will also receive Nokia Freebies!

All entries MUST be submitted ONLY on our Official email at

Top 10 winners will be contacted via email.

Campaign runs from November 15 – 29, 2012.


***This campaign is OPEN for all. However, prizes and freebies are only applicable only in the Philippines BUT we can try our best how to send the freebies if ever you’ll be a chosen winner outside the Philippines. If the top 3 winners are outside the Philippines, we will change the prize because the Gift Pass doesn’t work outside the Philippines.


Nokia Revolution would like to thank the following:

Anthony of thelumiablog
Brad Groux of microsoftfanboys
Anirudh Avasthi of windowsgracias
George Dao of georgedao123

Guys, Thank you for your support on this campaign. You never hesitated when I asked for your help. Thank you – from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward for more collaborations with you. You guys are totally awesome!


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