Bluetooth Share available now on Windows Phone 7.5


Nokia recently published the Bluetooth Share App which is compatible with Windows Phone 7.5, I am sure that Windows Phone 7.5 users will be happy with this announcement for most of them wanted this feature on their phones. With Bluetooth Share you can send and receive image and audio files between your devices. Switch Bluetooth on anytime you want to send or receive files, pair your devices, and start using Bluetooth Share.

Download Bluetooth Share



  1. Dc

    This does not work on windows 7.5 phones. Marketplace says not available for my htc phone running mango.

  2. Muhammad Wasif Chaudhry

    I am not able to install it in my Lumia 510 as it shows compatibility problem. Is this possible that Nokia can be such a stupid not to put bluetooth sharing in a Lumia fone

  3. Sunil Kumar Saini

    please send me the link if this app is available for WP-7.8 and if not then please update it.

  4. Bongo

    Oh no! Now i’m scared to try this….Nokia what’s happening? Is NOkia trying to chase us away???

  5. usama khan

    i have nokia lumia version 7.8.when i open the bluetooth software it will ask that this app wont work with this version of windows phone please help me

  6. neloy

    I from Bangladesh I use Nokia lumia 900 and I was updated windows 7.8 but Bluetooth share not install this phone still. Neloy.

  7. Mashudu

    Lumia 61m…i downlod bluetooth share but when i try to connect..”sorry but this app wont work with this version of windows phn”?…what does this mean pls help

  8. ncube

    I just bought this lumia 610.its giving me’s not user friendly at all
    ,it lakes basic functions.Nokia this time you let us down.we are victims of your inconsistency

  9. deepak rajkhowa

    While restore the phone or update the software of the phone in market place hide the option apps from nokia how can update the bluetooth now

  10. shumail

    Hey guys I can share or receive a file via Bluetooth file transfer but video doesn’t share it can receive only!

  11. imran

    is bluetooth share software will work in pakistan. i am very in tention about the bluetooth function in pakistan. please help me how can i share my pictures and videos from lumia to others mobiles

  12. neloy khan

    I m use lumia 900 I update now 7.8 but Bluetooth file transfer app not install my updated 7.8 phone this show its not my country rejoin how to solve my this problem. Nelly Khan

  13. Arden

    Its doesn’t even show up in marketplace.. if I followed those links that you guys provided, what i get is ‘apps is not compatible bla bla bla’…

  14. Asanda

    Im using Nokia lumia 520 now im trying to download bluetooth share, bt it says my device daznt support, plz help

  15. daniel

    am using lumia 710 and d Bluetooth is giving me a big problem, please i need to receive file with my phone. Nokia please do something

  16. imran

    This application is not compatible with my lumia 900. When I went to download this app a message is shown that this app is not compatible with your phone. Plz help me. Plz provide me the solution in pakistan

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