Nokia Lumia your wish is my APP Contest

Screen Shot 2012-12-31 at 3.58.44 PM

Nokia India are running a contest called Nokia Lumia Your Wish Is My APP, in which contestants can submit a great idea for an app for a chance to win great prizes. Who said you need to be an app developer to come up with an app? All you need is a great app idea and we’ll make it for you! What’s more, you’ll not only get featured on the Nokia Lumia – Your Wish Is My App NDTV show but also win 1 million rupees.

The Contest is open to residents of India and will close on the 3rd of January 2013.

So if you live in India and have a great app idea, head over to Nokia India’s Facebook page and submit your app idea.



  1. Rafi Uddin

    Sir, I have an idea for an app. This is the age of Science and Technology and a Language ENGLISH is very important to be known to every educated person all over the world. The students, workers, and other men and women need to learn new WORDS or TERMS. So, if you Make an app on Dictionary, which will be same like a cell phone and handy, and easily usable to all. And that would contain 4-5 Dictionaries on Oxford, Cambridge, and other Technical and Medical dictionaries. I think that would be the best sold App all over the world. As you know A Good Dictionary is Heavy and It takes a great time to open, at that place This App would be very very Well. It was my idea about an app. Sir, I am from a very Poor family and don’t get enough money to continue my study. So if you like my app idea, please inform me as soon as you can. I need help. Please be kind on me. Your’s truly RAFI UDDIN.

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