Lumia 920 successor, will come dressed in Aluminium


The Verge are reporting that sources familiar with Nokia’s plans have revealed that Nokia is planning a new line of Lumia Windows Phone devices for 2013. The company is planning to switch to an aluminum construction for at least one high-end Lumia Windows Phone planned for release this year. The new aluminium device codenamed Catwalk will be a lot lighter and thinner than the Lumia 920. Aluminium is a great lightweight alternative to polycarbonate plastic which should give the Catwalk a great weight advantage.

The verge is also reporting that Nokia is also planning another two Lumia handsets that will debut as part of a new line up this year. Nokia’s Catwalk device is designed as a successor to the Lumia 920 and will debut as a replacement to the company’s current Windows Phone 8 flagship with similar internal hardware specifications. I wonder what colour options Nokia will come up with for the Catwalk and how the device will be perceived in the growing Windows Phone Market. Knowing Nokia, I am positive that the device will have killer hardware and a sexy looks.

Share with us your expectations.

Source The Verge

Photo Nokia Revolution


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