My wife’s view on her new Nokia Lumia 820


Okay so I was a big fan of the iPhone for many years now. I don’t deny that part of the fascination in Apple products was their invasion of the world, their marketing power and their fast spread among consumers; every friend had an iPhone, they’d brag about getting the latest iOS version and the latest model. The world was becoming tech savvy!



Then came The Lumia!!! And they came hard. Nokia used a very smart campaign in my opinion that struck a cord with people who used iPhones for a long time…too long time. The switch campaign! At least it worked for me.


This is only a primary review as still in the process of discovering this amazing phone, more detailed reviews will follow.

  • Nokia Lumia 920 felt big in my hand but the 820 was just right. It was a Christmas gift from my hubby who was also a “switcher”. He’s a Technology Engineer and always looking to get his hands on the latest market trends; his new baby was the Lumia 920, he even created a blog for it; The Lumia Blog.
  • Having no knowledge in technology stuff, you will not hear a technical review from me. But from what I’ve seen til now I can tell you this:
  • A very sleek phone. It  fits your grip very nicely.
  • The screen resolution and size are amazing. A clear vision and just the right size for scrolling, searching, writing and viewing pictures.
  • As a first time user of a Windows phone, I blame myself for not having used one before. The Office part of the phone is da bomb! You can easily create a word document, save it, edit it, all from the comfort of your mobile… I just love it.
  • Let me not forget the keyboard on this phone and the tab on top of it that gives you word corrections/options instead of auto correcting directly on your text. Great feature!
  • Rooms is a great feature which keep me connected to my hubby, where we can chat, share photos and documents and best of all share notes like our grocery list.
  • I love the Kids Corner feature where I can keep my daughter entertained in a secure place and not worry about her making random calls or sending messages by mistake.
  • The dynamic screen with a personalized touch that lets you create your own bits and pieces of information you want to view on your Main screen.
  • The phone camera is impressive. Quick and sleek pix.
  • Bottom line is I’m in love with my new Lumia 820. If there was ever a good time to Switch, now its the best time to do that with Nokia; connecting people 😍.

One comment

  1. amerbsat

    Wow, that’s a very ineresting review and specially coming from someone who’s been using a different platform/phone for several years! Perhaps it’s really time to switch 🙂 You are definitely right about the size and grip of this phone… Seems to be perfect!

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