Nokia Universal Portable USB Charger


I recently bought the Nokia DC 16 Universal Portable USB Charger and after using it for a week, I strongly recommend it as a must have add on for your Lumia phone. were you ever in a situation where you have been using your phone for a full day and your phone battery is draining out, but you still needed this extra bit of battery juice to complete your day, then the DC 16 is your best friend. I have been using this amazing accessory for a week and it delivers the right amount of Battery juice every time I need it.

The DC 16 is a great add on for your Lumia 920 and I strongly recommend it if you are always on the move.

  • 2200 mAh rechargeable lithium ion battery
  • Fast charging with 950 mA output
  • Up to or exceeding 500 charge and discharge cycles
  • Up to 3 months standby time with up to 75% capacity




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