Nokia teams up with Avanade to bring Lumias to large Enterprise

avanade1Avanade Inc., a subsidiary of Accenture –  is a multinational IT consulting and software company that develops business software from a Microsoft products platform. Avanade was part founded by Microsoft in April 2000, aims to solidify the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend among large enterprises who use their smartphones for work and personal purposes.
Nokia has recently teamed up with Avanade to bring its Lumia series into the corporate world as part of business solution. With this strategy, Nokia will be able to penetrate a new market segment where RIM and Apple is more dominant.

“Avanade and Nokia plan to deliver packaged offerings combining Avanade’s application development and system integration services, Microsoft technology and Nokia’s Lumia products and related services. Together with Accenture, Avanade and Nokia are also providing enterprise customers with Windows Phone and Microsoft infrastructure expertise to support the pilot adoption and testing of Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices through to production deployments,” the firm said.


In fact, Avanade and Nokia continue to help a large U.K. bank to replace its current mobile device platform and strategy with Windows Phone 8 devices. Combined with Microsoft’s Exchange email server and a Corporate Enterprise hub that will allow employees to access corporate business applications integrated with its Microsoft Exchange and SharePoint environments. They are also working with the bank to build a new corporate enterprise hub that will enable employees to access corporate business applications, content feeds and information relevant to the organization, as well as user profiles and other Microsoft SharePoint content. Additionally, Avanade is implementingMobile Device Management (MDM) to apply security policies to the devices thereby simplifying provisioning and enabling the distribution of corporate business applications directly to the devices.

“The growth in the use of consumer devices at work has created opportunities for businesses, but also vulnerabilities that need to be addressed. Working together, Nokia and Avanade will create business solutions to meet the needs of the enterprise, as well as delivering the exciting user experience which people expect from today’s leading smartphones such as Nokia Lumia.” – Niko Mykkänen, global head of B2B Sales at Nokia

It is no doubt that Windows Phone 8 has the key potential to be the best mobile OS for enterprise. Unlike Blackberry and Iphone/Ipad, Lumia running Windows Phone 8 has all the essential applications needed for business use just like the Microsoft Office mobile which always comes in handy if you need to access your office files and edit it while you’re on the go. For email solutions, you don’t need to download and pay for extra i.e., Good Mobile, iAnywhere to get your emails – Lumia has an integrated support for Microsoft Exchange server and its free. Lumia, indeed, is an all in one solution not only for home users but for enterprise users too. This move only proves that Nokia has a strong push for the Windows Phone platform compared to other OEMs.

Via Nokia Revolution


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