Rumor: Nokia Laser a flagship Lumia Windows Phone for Verizon


It seems that Nokia is preparing something big this year. After several rumors surrounding the tech blog about the Nokia Catwalk and EOS, now another rumored device codenamed ‘Nokia Laser’.

Sources said that Verizon is planning to unveil a high-end Nokia Lumia phone this year. Based on The Verge, US carrier will offer a device that has similar specifications to Nokia’s current Lumia 920. Dubbed as Nokia Laser, is apparently planned to be launched together with the Nokia Catwalk device that we had heard about. Laser is said to be a variant of the Nokia Lumia 920 for Verizon, so it will likely feature the same polycarbonate body of the 920 instead of the rumoured aluminium body of the Catwalk.

Sources have exposed that Microsoft will be backing up the carrier’s launch of this device heavily. Since this will be a high end device, Nokia Laser will be marketed alongside rival top tier devices.

Source TheVerge

Via Nokia Revolution


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