Leaked service manual for Lumia 920 now online


Many videos have been floating around the web, on how to dismantle your Nokia Lumia 920 and perform repairs on the phone. Today a leaked Nokia Lumia 920 Service Mnaual started making its way across the web and everyone is talking about it. Repairing your phone is not the reason I am posting this Manual on The Lumia Blog, I mean yes you can use this Manual to try to repair your phone but I strongly advise sending the phone to a proper Nokia Service Center, if you are having issues with the phone. The main reason I am sharing this is for us to appreciate the craftsmanship and complexity of the Lumia 920 and how much design and innovation this amazing device holds.

Follow this link to download the Service Manual



  1. Atu Taumoepeau

    Hi my nokia lumia 920 power was on, in a case and it fell for less then a minute if I am not mistaken. I saw it quickly wiped it dry and held it infront of a fan for a few minutes. The power was on but kept saying “there is a problem with Simcard…so I turned to power off, I thought I should turn the power off. Next morning I tried to turn power on, I had taken out the simcard, and tried to turn the power back on the next morning but it is not doing anything, no power.. please help me, I am scared out of my mind…….

    • The Lumia Blog


      I am sorry that you have to go through this, I would advise to 1st put the phone in a rice bag and keep it for 1 day, rice acts as a moisture absorbent and in case there is still moisture in the phone it will be removed. after that i suggest doing a soft reset – press and hold the power button and volume down button for about 10 seconds the phone should vibrate and turn on.

      let me know what happens, i hope this would help.


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