Lumia App Labs #9 – Developing Windows Phone 8 apps with file and URI associations

App-to-app-communication support is a powerful addition to Microsoft Windows Phone 8 that enables your apps to use the functionality of other apps. It also can help you increase the discoverability of your apps in Windows Phone Store, when you register the types of files and URI resources that the apps can enhance.

In this lab, you’ll learn how to use file and URI associations in Windows Phone 8 for app-to-app communication. You can use such associations to automatically launch your app when another app launches a specific file type or URI scheme. A deep link is used to send a reference to the file or URI to your app. This webinar also introduces the association launching API to launch another app in the same way.

We suggest that you install the Microsoft Windows Phone SDK 8.0 in advance to get the most out of this training lab. While you’ll learn a lot with or without the SDK, you’ll learn more if you have the SDK installed and can begin using the API as soon as you complete the training. Also, it will be helpful to have a Nokia Lumia phone built on Windows Phone 8 available for testing.

A downloadable copy of the slides from the session can be found here:¬†…

Check out details of the other Lumia App Labs, including the future schedule, here



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