Lumia App Lab #10 – Get started with cloud-based apps with

Creating a cloud-based application offers many advantages, including increased security for your users’ data, the ability to build communities around your app, and the ability to share content across multiple devices seamlessly. However, setting up a server infrastructure to implement your cloud can be a major hurdle. This is where comes in, offering a hosted service for your cloud-based apps. And if you have joined the Nokia Premium Developer Program, you have access to up to 1 million API calls a month, enabling you to build your Windows Phone 8 apps quickly without having to worrying about the backend.

In this webinar coding demonstrations show you how the Buddy APIs deliver common app scenarios as a service. Using the Buddy APIs, you can instantly add functionality such as global user accounts, photo albums, messaging, friends/groups functionality, push notifications, and more to your apps.

A downloadable copy of the slides from the session can be found here

Check out details of the other Lumia App Labs, including the future schedule, here


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