NFC in my life


With the introduction of the new Lumia range and the fact that NFC is part of the standard offering on most devices, Nokia have set a new standard in the way we do things. So what can NFC add to my life and how I can streamline my day to day activity with NFC. Think of NFC as a push button for a robotic task, lets say that while driving my car, I want to call my wife. The conventional way of doing this task is to go to either dial my wife’s number from my contacts of from my speed dial, in both cases i will be distracted, with NFC i can program an NFC sticker, place it on my dashboard and while I want to carry out this task I only have to point my Lumia 920 to the sticker and the phone will take care of the rest. Another example of how NFC can streamline my daily tasks is that before I go to bed i can have a pre-programmed NFC chip set my alarm, dim the screen and play my relax tunes.


NFC possibilities are endless and Nokia have recently released an app to facilitate the creating of NFC workflows and writing them to supported tags. Nokia NFC Writer.


Nokia also have a superb range of accessories that are NFC enabled like the Nokia Wireless Charging Car HolderJBL PowerUp Wireless Charging Speaker for NokiaNokia Luna Bluetooth Headset with Wireless ChargingJBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker for Nokia.

The only wish i have as a Lumia 920 user is that it would have been great if Nokia included a couple of NFC tags in the Lumia package content to get us started with this amazing technology,however its not a big deal you can always buy a set of NFC tags for cheap for the following vendors. and

Tell us how do you use NFC and share your experience.


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