Nokia Tablet with Kickstand and Keyboard Designed Ahead of Surface Tablet


We’ve heard that Nokia been conceptualizing designs for its upcoming tablet and we know that it is where Nokia really excels. But we never had any word from Nokia as to when they will release their own version of a tablet. Today, a newly filed patent  from Nokia which relates to a tablet design.

We have heard rumours before that Nokia is making a tablet design concept with a keyboard and kickstand that envelopes the device – looks like a book. Interestingly, this patent was filed even before the Surface was launched. It was rumoured that Nokia has inspired the design of the Surface tablet but take it as a pinch of salt.

Apparatus Cover with Keyboard

An apparatus including a first section having a display; and a second section movably connected to the first section. The second section forms a cover for the display. The cover has a first portion and a second portion movably connected to the first portion. The first and second portions are configured to cover different portions of a front of the display. The second portion is pivotably connected to the first section by the first portion. The second portion has a keyboard thereon.

Above is an excerpt from the patent details filed by Nokia on October 11, 2011 and was patented today, April 11, 2013. Though it doesn’t directly says that this patent design is made for their future tablet, it is pretty obvious that this more applicable for a tablet computer.

Do you think it’s about time for Nokia to venture the tablet market?

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