Nokia Conference


Nokia Conference makes it very easy to dial into conference calls. No more switching to the calendar app, remembering the ID/PIN codes, getting the right access number, switching to the phone app, making the call, and entering all the codes. Instead just hit one button or even join via voice command. It’s very handy for anyone that makes frequent conference calls, as so many of us do.

To join via voice, hold down the Windows key and speak the command “conference join”. We’ll automatically figure out which meeting is going on currently or about to start, say it back to you for confirmation, and connect you. If your company uses Lync, we’ll launch the Lync app to connect you.

Settings for many companies’ conference systems are stored on our server and recognized automatically. For those that aren’t, you can define the settings yourself (then you should share them with us, to spare your coworkers the trouble). If you find a conference system that doesn’t work well with the app for some reason, please let us know.

If you make conference calls to several different companies, that’s fine–we’ll automatically figure out which conference system settings to use.

After installing, you probably want to pin it to your Home screen, placing it near the top if you make many conference calls. It may become one of your most frequently used apps on the phone.

Get Nokia Conference from this link or scan the below code.

QR_Conference_0264f9a0-689a-40d9-86ad-b20b70ebaad8 copy


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  1. Gbola

    SOS… I am not sure where to log this complaint of mine but I really need some help please. I recently discovered that my camera is no more working. Each time I try to take a shot, the snap just go black, and I think this has also affected my flash light as the flashlight app is also not working again, it gives an error message. Please I really need an urgent help. Thanks

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