The Nokia Lumia Story Continues on the 14th of MAY

Nokia Announcement

It seems that Nokia are gearing up for another surprise announcement on the 14th of MAY in London UK. This is great news which shows Nokia’s dedication and commitment to expand the Lumia range. So what would Nokia Announce on the 14th? Well rumours are floating around the web that its a 41 MP Lumia, nomatter what it is I think we are all proud of Nokia for their dedication. The Lumia range is growing and besides a 41 MP Lumia it would be interesting to see a QWERTY Lumia in the coming future.




    • jordan s. Laureano

      Nokia never ending quest for new technology …we love it here in the phils…nokia with windows 8 os phone rules in camera technology and photo apps…stay patient , stay strong…we support you here …love you…we are excited for the launching of the two Nokia Lumia 925 and 928…

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