Nokia plans to invest in imaging startup, Pelican Imaging


Nokia plans to invest in imaging startup, Pelican Imaging,  as part of its continuous search for new technologies to bring to their current customer base and to attract new customers, mainly from the iOS and Android arena. Nokia has been very active in the past in bringing new unheard of technologies to the masses. In 2002 Nokia launched the Nokia 7650 the world’s first camera cell phone, and Nokia kept on going and going, bringing us innovation after innovation up until the latest Nokia Lumia range with Qi (inductive power standard).

So Nokia has always kept its boldness in investing into new technologies, and with this strategy and dedication, I see their market share growing significantly in the future. especially with the Windows Phone Platform.

So what does Pelican Imaging bring to the table? Pelican Imaging has developed a revolutionary new array camera for mobile devices, providing depth at every pixel. Focus on any subject, change focus after you take the photo, capture linear measurements, scale and segment your images, all on any device.
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