TYLT CAPIO NFC Enabled Universal Smartphone Car Mount


I had a brief encounter with the TYLT Capio NFC Enabled Universal Smatphone Car Mount, and i think it is amazing. Especially with my Nokia Lumia 920. I have tried a lot of Car Mounts ever since i got my Lumia 920 and none worked for me. During the week end i had the chance to try the TYLT Capio and it blew my mind away. I think its the perfect companion to the Lumia 920 for use in the car.

The Sticky pad technology is amazing and hold the phone firmly. I recommend this Car Mount to everyone with a Lumia 920 or any other Smartphone.

The TYLT Capio w/ NFC is the next evolution in how smartphones are mounted in cars. Using a patented sticky technology, the mount can securely hold your device in place without clamps or brackets.

Screen Shot 2013-07-28 at 1.33.02 PM

The CAPIO with NFC can be mounted on a dash board for easy access. The CAPIO will instantly adjust to fit any phone and can instantly be detached and repositioned. In addition to hands-free support, the CAPIO allows the driver to use their NFC-enabled Smartphones to set up custom profiles for an easier and safer drive using NFC Task LauncherTM.

• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• NFC 30mmx60mm chip built into the inner housing of the car mount.
• The NFC chip is Pre-programmed for hassle free set up
• Patented adhesive technology on phone cradle
• Patented adhesive combined with suction mount for superior adhesion to auto interior surfaces
• Adhesive releases cleanly from smartphone and auto interior surfaces. Guaranteed not to leave residue.
• Adhesive substrate is washable and maintains efficacy
• Two sets of detachable, adjustable support arms for phone cradle to support all smartphone models
• Ball joint neck provides easy tilt and rotation adjustment for viewing
• Made of durable lightweight, recyclable PET


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