Lumia App Lab #14, #15, #16

Lumia App Lab #14 – Working with high resolution images in Windows Phone 8

The ability of the new Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone to capture stunning high-resolution images opens up new innovation possibilities for app developers. In this webinar, we focus on how to use the Microsoft Windows Phone 8 Camera and Imaging APIs in your apps to manage images captured by the high-resolution camera module in the Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone. This webinar will presents image-related dos and don’ts for your app designs, along with practical code examples for the capturing and managing of high-resolution images in ways that will provide the best possible user experience.
Lumia App Lab #15 – Using the Nokia Imaging SDK

Lumia App Lab #15 – Using the Nokia Imaging SDK

The Nokia Imaging SDK is a code library that helps developers work efficiently with images captured and stored by phones running Microsoft Windows Phone 8. In this Lumia App Labs webinar, we demonstrate the basics of working with the SDK. We provide a product overview and show you how to download the SDK and set up your development environment. We also demonstrate practical ways to apply effects and filters in your imaging apps; share tips and tricks to help you optimise app performance; and provide links to resources that you can use to make the most of your imaging-app projects.

Lumia App Labs #16 – HERE application Launchers

This webinar presentation introduces the HERE application Launchers. This simple-to-use API enables your apps to launch HERE apps, while passing them geolocation information to use in delivering various services. For example, if you want to help a user get to a destination, your app can now pass the destination’s geolocation to HERE Drive, and HERE Drive will then provide the user with turn-by-turn navigation. Currently, three HERE apps — HERE Maps, HERE Drive, and HERE Transit — provide the services implemented in the HERE Launchers API. This webinar describes the use cases supported by the Launchers and explains how to add them to your apps.

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