Sendtiment is the first Windows Phone app that allows you to email, text, Facebook, Tweet and Instagram personalized photo cards,notes, invitations and announcement from your phone. The app is a brat companion to your windows phone especially now that the festive season is just around the corner, whether you’re in love, sharing a celebration or feeling festive this app is the app for sending quality cards to your friends and family.

With 200+ unique and modern cards thoughtfully designed to suit your every need it is easy to say it with a Sendtiment Greeting Card. And yes, the “d” is silent.

Email, text, tweet, Facebook, Instagram personalized greeting cards, notes, invitations + announcements right from your Windows Phone 8.

Features Include :

• Easy to use app that allows you to scroll + select the perfect hand-crafted “Sendtiment”.

• 200+ thank you notes, greeting cards, birthday cards, invitations, announcements each personalized resulting in thousands of possibilities.

• Photo-friendly designs, giving you the ability to grab photos from your photo album or take pictures in-app.

• Seamless integration with your device’s built-in sharing capabilities. Share via text, email or your favorite social network. You can even share via Bluetooth, NFC or to OneNote.




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