A true Horror Story



For a guy like me, who takes meticulous care of my gadgets and gizmos, what happened next was a true horror Story. I was siting home with my, good friend, my Lumia 1020 and while placing the 1020 on a side table, the phone slipped and fell on the floor. For a split second I thought that its a not so big deal of a fall and while reaching to grab the phone from the ground, I found that the screen was shattered. I was shocked and did not believe it. I mean you read about it and you see pictures on the net about people who has broken screen and always think that this could never happen to me, but in this case it happened to me. Maybe its time to move on to a new phone like the 1520 or maybe its time to move to a new colour like the 1020 black. anyways just wanted to warn you that please take batter care of your Lumia devices and try not to have them slip and fall on the ground.

Tell us about your horror stories in the comments section.




    • The Lumia Blog

      Hey Giridhar how are you doing my friend, I had the 1020 wireless charting cover on it, and believe me the fall was soooo silly that it was not that high to break the glass. What to do its just luck. How are you whats new with you.

  1. Tarek El-Khatib

    Same thing happened to me with my 920… It had endured so much torture from me, including scrapping knives and keys on it to boast to my iFriends and Droids…

    Then one day it just slipped from my hand, less than a feet high from the ground and the glass was shattered… 😦

    May your 1020 RIP… Alternatively, you could feel courageous and replace the screen and blog about that! Much cheaper than getting a black one!

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