Finnish company, Lastu, have worked around mobile covers since 2011 and have made pretty awesome covers for different mobile phones. Today Lastu have published new product for Lumia 925. It’s made from real wood as all of Lastu products.

You have 2 different types of wood to choose from. Also add free text engraving on it.
In this product you can feel real craftmanship and authentic Nordic design. When holding real wooden Lastu for Lumia 925, you can sense the enchanting hardwood scent and feel yourself coming closer to the nature by our high-quality materials. We carefully sand and finish every single piece. We take care to make sure your new wooden skin feels amazing. With this product you help tree planting project in Zambia.
These products don`t leave any marks to your Lumia 925 when removed. Priced at 25 Euros per cover, it not a bad investment to make a your beautiful Lumia 925 look even better.

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