Aerize Explorer Pro updated with new features and @ $2.50


Aerize, a leading Windows Phone and BlackBerry utilities developer, has been pioneering ground-breaking mobile utilities for more than half a decade. Aerize recently released Aerize Explorer Pro, built upon the best rated Windows Phone File Manager, Aerize Explorer. With no advertisements or locked features, Aerize Explorer Pro is easier and much more powerful, the way to go for the best value and the most functionality. Aerize Explorer Pro isn’t some pocket file browser made for children. With advanced features like searching, sorting, archives, and file privacy it’s designed to work for pros, like you. Not enough? Well, its ready now for the Nokia Lumia 930 with full 1080p support, and on sale for only $2.50, so hurry and get it while you can at this price.


Check out a video about Aerize Explorer Pro

★ SEARCH AND SORT ★ File management is even easier with Aerize Explorer Pro thanks to the easy to use search and sort functionality. You can search the entire device including the SD Card from one search. Looking for all of the mp3’s on your device? Search for mp3. Remember a part of a file name, but not where it was saved? Simple! Search for a fragment of the name, and you get a list of all of the files that match. Need to know which file is the newest? Tap sort and choose date.

★ ARCHIVE FILES ★ Want some files decompressed from a Zip file? Maybe you received a RAR file from email? No problem. You can decompress Zip, RAR and 7zip files with Aerize Explorer Pro. Just select the archive file and tap decompress from the menu. Have a bunch of files you want to share, no problem select the files and folders, and tap compress. Before you know it you have a new Zip file ready to share! Its that easy.

★ PADLOCK SECURITY ★ Want to protect access to the files on your device? Its as simple as adding a pin code for the new Padlock feature from settings to enable file privacy. When you enable the Padlock, you will be asked to create a pin number password, and then verify it. When the Padlock is enabled, access to Aerize Explorer will require the pin number password. Want to remove the Padlock? Easy, verify your password.

★ PERFORMANCE ★ Aerize Explorer Pro also comes with performance enhancements, allowing you to view folders with large amounts of files in record time.

With no advertisements or locked features, Aerize Explorer Pro is the way to go for the best value and the most functionality. Aerize Explorer Pro is on sale for just $2.50, for a limited time. The new features combined with the introductory sale ensure it’s an easy decision to go pro!


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