Over Here for Windows Phone 8: Never lose your friends again in a crowd


From the makers of the popular Sendtiment Cards app for Windows Phone comes the “Over Here” app for Windows Phone 8. This fun and useful little app that gives you an easy way for your friends to find you in a crowd!

How it works is very simple actually. Let’s say you want your friend to find you in a crowd e.g. a concert arena, dark nightclub, bar etc. but it is too dark for them to spot you. All you is tell you friend in advance a color from “Over Here” app. For example, you can send a text saying “Hey Sam, look for the blue flashing phone.” Then, choose the color you mentioned to your friend and the screen will blink that color. Raise your phone over your head and be astounded at how fast your friend finds you. Simple, but very effective!!!

Naturally Over Here app works best at night or in low light conditions where clothing and other indicators are harder to spot. Over Here is best for situations like:

  • In restaurants
  • In stadiums
  • In a crowded airport
  • In bars
  • In movie theaters
  • At concerts
  • At large festivals
  • On the street
  • Pretty much anywhere..

The interface is pretty straightforward and easy to use. What is also great is that you have 6 different colors (each with 4 shade options) to choose from.

Over Here is available as a free download in the Windows Phone store here.

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