Apple VS Microsoft, Who is Really Winning?




  1. Justin Baney

    Oh Boy! Where to start…

    First off: What blog who wishes to be up-to-date with the latest Lumia phones would post a ridiculous infographic from 4 years ago?
    If you had newer details and comparisons, I might have left this alone to just “shrug off” as another Apple fan boy posting. One smile, a shake of the head, or roll of eyes, but no… I had to.

    Let’s get to the details…

    Stability. Any OS that locks hardcore customization, dumbs down programming, and requires developers to follow tyrannical policies when building a program will of course be more stable. A basic calculator is more stable than a graphics calculator. If the comparison was just the basic form of stability, I’d have given you a little credit for copying a marketing ploy in saying that. However, no credit can be given since it says “all of Windows’ software components are connected to each other”. You seriously believe that all of Microsoft programs that run on Windows (yep, stated that since Windows also makes MacOS software) are integrated with each other? Do all you own is Microsoft Office? If so, then you need to go ahead and upgrade to the latest version, which is where software component interconnectivity shines. A quick Google Image search of “Mac error screens” finds many images that prove that ‘more stable’ is subjective.

    Security. Hopefully you meant for this graphic to come from 2010… Then you have another comparison that I’d give you a little credit for. Not much, since you didn’t do your research. And again, by research, I mean just type in “viruses that affect Macs.” Steve Jobs was a great marketer and corporate PR czar who could hide anything and everything better than the IRS (really, they think they can’t retrieve emails from a hard drive crash – but that’s a blog for a different page). Steve Jobs could keep any hint of Macs getting viruses out of the media by paying, manipulating, and scapegoating. You did take economic courses in college right? Then time for a refresher… If I was an evil genius, and I might be, would it not make sense to go for the BIG target? Your infographic even makes this point at the bottom. If I wrote a virus that stole credit card info to use for my own devices, what greater number of potential victims would I choose from? 11.2 Million or 300 Million (2009 estimate)? Of course I’d write the virus for Windows OS… I can just as easily write a virus in Objective C, C++, C# or Java. You could say it’s harder to exploit a low-level Unix machine, but then again, Unix servers in business get hacked just as often. So here’s where I’ll give you partial credit. “Windows is notorious for viruses and security problems” Because Windows Is A Notorious Operating System…

    Reliability. No credit. Only because the example is a simple file/folder move, and that’s the only this this infographic creator came up with (hopefully you didn’t create it, if you did, hurry and delete this comment for it’ll make you seem really foolish.) Let’s take your statement of “You can move a program file/folder anywhere on the hard drive, and it won’t crash.” First off, you can also do this on a Windows PC too. Uh OH! I think some IT guys and Windows Users just went ‘Whoa!’ Since I’m assuming that we are talking about “latest OS revisions” and not the infographic data date of somewhere mid-2010; I’m going to be safe and say that Win8 and Win8.1 will not just let you move the data all willy-nilly. If you try and move a file/folder and it’ll cause your PC to crash, you will receive a warning not to do so. If you click past that warning, then the user is the idiot. This is the same as on a Mac… in fact, Mac will make you pass a security check as well as warn you when you move certain file/folders. Mac figures that their users are twice as dumb, having two warnings… Yeah, Windows Vista did this too, to the ire of it’s users. So the point here is if you’re dumb enough to move a file/folder that’s in use or part of the OS, it’s on you, and not on Windows or Mac. Secondly, you stated Macs will also update shortcuts that you had pointed to that program. This is also the case for Windows OS to a point. If you move Apps, then the OS can figure it out very smoothly. If you move program files (And why would you?), then yes the program could mess up. So as it could on a Mac, if the OS wasn’t so locked down. This all goes back to my stability point of “any OS that locks hardcore customization, dumbs down programming, and requires developers to follow tyrannical policies…”

    Multimedia. Again, is this the only factoid you have for it, “Macs offer an unprecedented range of applications and hardware for music, photos, and video editing – PCs are certainly… incomparable to Macs.” Again, time to be taken down a few notches… Windows Software choices FAR outnumber ANY range of ANY software for music, photos, and video editing. Have you ever been to a computer store? Fry’s, BestBuy, TigerDirect, Wal-Mart? Oh, you only shop at an Apple store… Unprecedented range of Hardware? That I had to laugh at… Go to a Fry’s and tell me how many choices Macs have when it comes to Video Cards, Sound Cards, and Video Editing Accessories. Then get back to me… Oh you meant, External hardware choices? Still not convinced, that’s why Macs had to start getting Intel chipsets. They were getting beat.

    Compatibility. I’ll definitely give you the point there! I’m glad you show that users who overpay for Macs have buyer’ remorse or need Windows OS for work. Congratulations!

    Typography. I don’t know of anyone who goes into buying a computer and thinks, “I’m going to look at the options for typography.” Ok, let’s say someone does. I will also give you points here. Pure Windows fanboys might say that there are different font rendering philosophies of Windows and Mac OS’s, and there are. However, really? Are we going to get down to the basics of the argument of aligning pixels (Windows) verses font scaling (Mac). Just give to point to Macs so we can move on…

    Color Matching. This is the argument of proprietary hardware and accessories verses open hardware and accessory standards. If an OS company controls every detail of hardware and software, then yes, they can color match better (While the prices of such hardware is sold at a premium). I’ll give you a point here too, but you bring your Mac sale receipt verses my monitor receipt and we’ll see who spent more for color matching verses size and options.

    Speed Test. Subjective. Subjective. Subjective. No hardware specs, no average ranges, no price comparison: No Credit! My Windows PC will beat any Apple PC on the market, including the New (2014) Pro model. So, neither company can win this green check.

    I own and repair both Windows and Mac PCs. I am a fan boy of any manufacture that builds devices that are of value (cost/options). And I can proudly say, I never buy Apple (anymore – there was that one time I thought iPods were cool…)

    -Justin Baney
    IT Manager for 10+ years

    • The Lumia Blog

      Dear Justin,

      You can’t imagine how happy I am with your comment, 1st let me clarify that it is never the custom of this blog not to approve comments especially if they are negative. I really appreciate your comment and this makes me happy knowing that people like you are reading the blog. To go back to the info graphic, and let me tell you that this was not prepared by me or by the blog. I saw this info graphic and decided to post it even though it is quite old or the data it depicts is based on 2009 and 2010 data, for one reason which is to show how Microsoft is a much better choice than apple. And how Microsoft has a larger marketshare than Apple. the intention of posting this was not to degrade Microsoft in any way but on the contrary to show where are the plus points of Microsoft.

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