Lumia 930 Accessories Review

Today I have 3 new Lumia 930 Accessories on review, provided by mobile Above is a quick video review on the items and below is a written review.

FlexiShield Nokia Lumia 930 Gel Case – Black


The FlexiShield Gel Case is Custom moulded for the Nokia Lumia 930. This Black Flexishield Gel Case provides a slim fitting stylish design and durable protection against damage, keeping your 930 looking great at all times.

  • Made from a strong, durable material for long lasting protection
  • The material used gives a non-slip coating to the case for extra grip
  • Slim fitting design adds no extra bulk and fits perfectly in your pocket
  • Raised bezel on the case protects your Nokia Lumia 930’s screen from scratches and dirt
  • Cut-outs for all the Nokia Lumia 930’s features so you’ll never need to take the Flexishield off

I have been using this case for a week and i really love the way the Lumia 930 fits perfectly in it. I like the fact that its is made from Gel plastic material and it provides perfect protection to the phone. The case i had for review was of gloss finish and i must say for a person that does not like gloss finish, I was really impressed with the case and it kind of grew on me. The case provides perfect cutouts to access all the Lumia 930 features. The think i like the most about the case is that it is made of a non slip coating and the phone states put while in this case.

The FlexiShield Nokia Lumia 930 Gel Case – Black retails for about $10.49 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


MFX Nokia Lumia 930 Tempered Glass Screen Protector

The MFX Lumia 930 Tampered Glass screen protector is a great addition to your phone and provides great protection to the screen.

The Screen Protector is made from chemically reinforced glass with a 2.5D 9H hardness that maintains perfect image clarity while protecting your phone’s screen from scratches and external shock. Thanks to the anti-shatter film, excessive impacts may cause the glass to crack, but it will not shatter and so is safer to use than other glass products. This glass screen protector is ultra clear and has a 95% light penetration ratio, compared to plastic screen protectors that generally have an 80% light penetration ratio.

I did not really know what to expect when i 1st saw this screen protector but after using it i really like it and think it adds great protection to the phone’s screen.

The MFX Nokia Lumia 930 Tempered Glass Screen Protector retails for about $21.55 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


Cover-Mate Nokia Lumia 930 Desktop Charging Dock


Synchronise and charge your Nokia Lumia 930 with this stylish, case compatible desktop dock. The Cover-Mate Desktop Charging Dock also acts as a multimedia stand, positioning your Lumia 930 at the perfect angle for viewing pictures and videos.

  • Syncs and charges your Nokia Lumia 930 at the same time
  • Adjustable Micro USB connector
  • Case compatible
  • Stable and secure mounting

Syncs and charges your Nokia Lumia 930 at the same time

Utilising innovative pass-through technology, this charging dock allows you to connect your Nokia Lumia 930 to the cradle via a USB connection and simultaneously use the computer port to charge your phone, as well as synchronise your data. This means that not only can you be sure that your Lumia 930 is fully charged, but that you can quickly and easily backup important data from your phone onto your computer or laptop.

Adjustable Micro USB connector

The Cover-Mate Nokia Lumia 930 Desktop Charging Dock has an adjustable Micro USB connector that shifts from front to back allowing you to use any size case.

Case compatible

The Cover-Mate Desktop Charging Dock sits your Nokia Lumia 930 at a comfortable viewing angle. It features a unique tilting connection tip, which provides enough room for you to use it with your Lumia 930 with or without a case attached, so you don’t need to constantly remove your case from your phone every time you want to dock it.

Stable and secure mounting

The dock includes rubberised feet, which help to provide a stable and secure base, free of movement. It will also declutter and make your desk look neater with its high quality finish.

I really love and highly recommend this for any phone owner, it is the kind of accessory that is flagged in my book as a must have accessory for the Lumia 930. I love how it declutters the desk and charges/syncs the phone at the same time.

The Cover-Mate Nokia Lumia 930 Desktop Charging Dock retails for about $33.99 and can be purchased by heading to the link below.


There you have it, three new accessories for you to chose from. Let me know in the comments if there are any accessories you would like me to review for you.


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